It is by no means a secret: Demand for highly qualified technicians and engineers is high in Austria and Germany. Relying on „cross-border-recruitment“ we always find the right candidate. Also for your business!

For our clients in Austria and Germany, we have already successfully recruited staff in Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Poland and Morocco.


Our Approach:


Tell us about the vacant position, your company and your corporate culture – we listen closely!


Relying on a mix of tools to reach out to potential candidates, we will implement tailor-made strategies to fill the vacant position
Direct Search
Social Media
Search Ads
Candidate Pool


By using structured interviews, evaluating soft skills and obtaining references:
We shortlist candidates most suited for the job with a comprehensive expert profile.


We coordinate the interview for you. Also, we apply for different interview-grants (FFG & EURES). So you can have on-site  interviews with e.g. Spanish candidates without having to come up for any travel expenses!


We support you with: Benchmark Salary, Application for Relocation-grant, Translating Contract of Employment and any other tasks to ensure a smooth transition of the candidate to your company and location!


Our motto: To achieve international success, you have to not only speak the market’s language, but also its culture!